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caryn carlat

In yoga, chitta vritti is the term used for “mind chatter”, hours at the gym were not quieting my mind....a friend of mine suggested I join her in a yoga class and things began to fall into place. Focusing on the breath allows you to quiet the noise in your head. 

Feeling passionate about this concept, I became certified in Vinyasa yoga as well as in children's yoga and never looked back. Yoga strengthened my body as well as my mind. 

Concentrating on small, properly executed movements is the key to my practice. One day at a time. Progress not perfection. 


stacy gross

As a mother of 3 children, I was on a journey to quiet the chatter in my overly chaotic mind and moved to LA 5 years ago where I stumbled on a meditation center. I started to explore meditation and the results I achieved from a daily mediation practice were nothing less than amazing.  After studying and years of training classes at and a certification at Little Flower Yoga program, I started a program for students in Elementary schools, on Long Island, N.Y.. I currently teach first and second graders a year round course in mindfulness in the classroom.  I also teach adults mediation in a studio on Long Island.  Also am currently expanding my teachings and volunteering in the town of Hempstead, in order to educate schools and communities about the benefits of a peaceful mind.

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