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Treat Yourself And Co-Workers To The Gift Of Recharging & Focus.

This Virtual Program Allows Participants To Find A Deeper Sense Of Self And Purpose.


• Staff & Administrators will learn techniques to disconnect from their daily routine, helping them to find a deeper sense of balance.

• Feel better & more connected to the important role you play in your organization.

• This may lead to higher productivity, a more positive work environment and an increase in creativity.

Focus / Clarity / Creativity / Movement / Positivity


cre8space is pleased to announce a mindfulness workshop that utilizes the combination of zoom technology along with a virtual meditation and stretch workshop. This program enables staff members to explore the heart of mindfulness practice along with developing an appreciation of the health benefits meditation offers.

Yoga Stretches

Caryn Carlat, a certified yoga teacher, will lead this light stretch with a fun light sense of humor while incorporating techniques that students can use on a daily basis. Participants will feel like they have entered a spa without ever leaving their home. No equipment is required.


Stacy Gross, a certified meditation teacher, will then lead a very relaxing guided meditation. Clients will not require any previous experience in meditation or mindfulness. Previous clients have described this experience as a vacation without packing their bags!

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