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Why Physical and and Mental Movement is Equally Impactful

Life is inevitably going to become chaotic, and oftentimes we become stressed and overwhelmed. Whether or not the cause of our stress is work, family, friends, or school, there are methods to ease the mind to improve both mental and physical health. Oftentimes people tend to focus on a certain component of personal health, either mental or physical. Rather than choosing one or the other, discover methods that will allow for the mind and body to connect.

For some, intense physical exercise has a therapeutic impact and releases daily tension. This is an incredible outcome for becoming physically fit and is an important goal, but it is unfortunately not promoted as such. Exercise is promoted as achieving an ideal body type to seem more attractive or valuable, which is why many people are fearful to begin their physical journey. For societal reasons, working out is attached with the pressure to look beautiful. Release this pressure, and understand that physical exercise should not be stressful. It does not have to be an intense and overly difficult part of the day, and can be quite simple. To reconnect the mind to the body, try a combination of meditation and light exercise such as yoga. Even taking ten minutes to stretch your body every day can have an impressive effect on one’s mental health.

In addition to exercise, take the time to completely relax your body and wander into your thoughts. Exercise develops discipline and allows individuals to focus on something other than their daily anxieties, while releasing stress. Breathing exercises and other forms of meditation allow for individuals to focus solely on their mind. It is a time to reflect and gain further understanding of yourself, ultimately becoming more aware of your existence. You may achieve this by sitting or laying down, setting a timer for a few minutes, and then closing your eyes. Do not focus on what is one your to-do list, but try to completely relax the mind and focus on your sense of being.

Overall, connecting the body to one’s mind allows individuals to become more self aware of thoughts and actions. This awareness helps people become more compassionate, trusting, and patient towards others. Both forms of health are to be celebrated, but it should be understood that they are equally important as they serve different purposes. Caring for one’s health acknowledges an individual’s unique existence, which consequently results in people learning how to enjoy their own company. It can be as simple as stretching, taking a walk, and then taking a few minutes to sit down and breathe. Prioritizing your physical and mental health will disengage the stress of life and create self love.

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