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Reconnecting Yourself to your Role as a Teacher

Becoming a teacher can be an especially difficult role and career path. Unfortunately, teachers are underpaid and underappreciated within society. It is admirable how teachers dedicate their lives to helping children, and follow their passion despite the unjustified salary. Providing education for the next generation is an intimidating task, specifically because a teacher is expected to adequately prepare a child for the future. However, it can be challenging to prepare a child for a future that is also unknown. Pursuing a career within education requires passion, dedication, and patience. They are defining the future of hundreds of individuals, which is an undeniable pressure. Therefore, teachers must learn how to disconnect from this stress in order to reconnect to their role in the classroom.

This includes unattaching from the daily routine, and prioritizing mental and physical health. The goal of a teacher is not to benefit themselves or their wallets, but to help children become more knowledgeable and grow as individuals. It can be difficult for an educator to focus on themselves, rather than caring for those around them. But it is necessary in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a clear, focused mind.

To achieve this, teachers can carve out a time of the day in which they dedicate to meditation and/or yoga. They may create a calming environment within the home, go to a local park, or attend yoga classes with a friend. It is important to leave the stressors that a classroom can induce and step into a relaxed environment. For meditation, breathing exercises are effective for clearing the mind and focusing on oneself. Being able to sit or lay down forces an individual to concentrate on their breathing, and allow their mind to wander. It is important to turn all of that passion and love inwards, rather than only projecting it upon students, friends, and family. Being able to appreciate one’s company and understand anxieties will develop a more compassionate, patient, and self disciplined person. This will transfer into the classroom, and allow a teacher to reconnect with their students.

In addition to meditation, yoga is recommended to release daily tensions. Yoga connects the mind and the body by focusing on breathing, the poses, and calming the muscles to sink into specific postures. This can be simple, and not overly challenging. As long as someone is disconnecting from their stressful routine and spending time everyday to focus on themselves, they can achieve a greater sense of individuality.

With a combination of both meditation and yoga, teachers will be able to better connect to their career and students. Mental and physical care results in higher productivity, an improved work environment, and increased creativity. If you are not sure where to begin or are an administrator seeking to improve the lives of your employees, discover Cre8 Space Meditation and learn about the teacher workshop: They offer a yoga and meditation session for education professionals who would like to reconnect their mind and body, and become a more impactful teacher.

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