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3 Meditation Techniques to De Stress from Homework

Homework and school can be stressful, even if classes are now virtual. After completing homework, an assignment, or a test, it is important to take a moment and destress. Students should be taking a moment for themselves after their schoolwork to relax and reflect. Fortunately, there are an abundant amount of meditation techniques that students can take advantage of.

If students have had an extremely stressful day, then they must prioritize their mental health in order to be a great student. Taking a break from studying for an important exam can be the difference between effectively absorbing significant classroom information and forgetting key facts the day of the test. When feeling overwhelmed, take two minutes for deep breathing. You can extend this meditation time, but it is important to time the session. Be sure that you are in a calm, quiet environment where you feel comfortable. It is okay to sit or lay down, as long as the body and mind are relaxed. Remember that meditation will vary for every person, and what works for certain people may not work for others. There are also an array of breathing techniques to try, and experimenting with different strategies will help you find your meditation niche. For instance, you may try belly breathing in which you place your hands on your chest and belly in order to feel the breaths. Another effective breathing technique is making a whistling face, inhaling for five seconds, and then exhaling for five seconds. Or, you can simply try breathing normally and allow the mind to wander.

In addition to breathing meditation, it is important to stretch the body and then connect the mind. Aim to spend ten or more minutes a day stretching, and it does not have to be overly difficult. Try yoga or pilates poses as well, which can be found with a quick google search. This will increase your flexibility over time and also calm your muscles. When the physical body is calmer, the mind will consequently connect and be calmer as well. It is a ripple effect throughout the entire body. You may choose to focus on challenging stretches or yoga routines, but it is also important to be conscious of your mind when relaxing into specific poses.

Another option to ease the mind after a stressful day is reconnecting to what you care about. Either sit or lay down, close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Then ease your breathing to a regular, slow breath while reflecting on someone or a particular question. Focus on someone you care about, such as a family or friend. It is also effective to think about people you are not as close to, and project those positive thoughts onto others. You may also reflect on certain passions, allowing the mind to daydream. Or perhaps pose a question, and take the time to adequately answer this question independently. You may ask yourself why you enjoy a specific topic in school, who you care about, what is your goal when entering the next grade, or what summer will look like. If you do not want to remain in a specific environment, you may also take a walk or go to a park.

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