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Let's empower our children today to stop the internal chatter. We all deal with stress, which is an integral part of our daily life, as well as our kids lives. As we see, this stress sometimes can start to wear on our bodies and minds.  It begins to effect our moods, sleep habits and attention spans.  It starts to interfere with our ability to learn and pay attention.  Our program will help with stress management, emotional regulation and interpersonal skills


We have designed a program that incorporates Mindfulness,

Yoga and Heartfulness.


Solid scientific evidence states that mindfulness intervention can greatly improve our student's attention span, self control, emotion resilience, memory, and adaptability.


We serve New York, Westchester County, Long Island and all of the five boroughs.  Our programs are catered to your schools needs.  We run workshops for students which are based on 15-30 minute sessions.  Our 

program is designed as a 10 week, once a week course.

All of our instructors are certified in mindfulness and Yoga. 

This is a hands on, interactive program.

Our programs are very diversified so that we are able to cater to the need of your schools.


After setting up an initial meeting with your staff we will devise a program that will be unique for the needs of your students.


Teachers will also receive handouts and materials for journal writings and projects so they can continue this program throughout the year.  We also offer mindfulness trainings for teachers to implement this program into their own classroom.

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• Inquire today, so that we can begin to train your teachers as well as your students a foundation for regulating toxic stress.

• We will teach your students new methods of stress management and emotional regulation and interpersonal skills.

• We will help develop a program for your school that will help your students begin to practice an awareness of thoughts, emotions, sensations and paying attention to their surroundings.  We believe that this mindfulness program will nurture a positive state of mind with the ultimate goal of achieving kindness and compassion towards others.

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