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cre8space mindfulness and meditation is happy to share with you a virtual program for grades k-5.


As a result of the current circumstances we have found a way to expand our program to a much larger community that does not require our presence inside the classroom.


We are offering a 10-week curriculum that is completely virtual. It is designed so that each child can learn and benefit from the lessons either in school or at home. Our program is fully compatible with Google and Smartboard.  This interactive experience needs only minimal assistance from the teacher or parent. The program is a 20-minute interactive full lesson with a designated project at the end of each session. Students will learn how to self-regulate which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Our program enforces the concept of gratitude and kindness. It is proven that students who practice mindfulness are emotionally more grounded and profoundly happier humans. 


Caryn Carlat and Stacy Gross have been teaching on Long Island and The Greater New York Area for the past several years.  Their program is designed to incorporate mindfulness, yoga and heartfulness.  Due to the recent restrictions because of Covid 19, Stacy and Caryn decided that the students needed mindfulness more than ever. They created this interactive program where the students were still able to practice being mindful in an interactive virtual setting.


Although Caryn and Stacy are unable to be in the classroom at this time, the silver lining is that now because of this amazing technology their program is able to reach many more students. Making lemonade out of lemons!


Please feel free to contact us.

Let us help you give the gift of mindfulness to your students today!

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Learn more about our 10 week courses and how you can be utilizing this within your district, building or classroom today. Licenses available based on a needs basis.

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