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By practicing mindful presence and awareness we learn to pause and cre8space.

We move out of auto pilot and get a sense of how we are feeling in real time.

Cultivating awareness allows us to become more patient, trusting and compassionate with ourselves and others.

The most common reason people come to meditate is stress reduction.


Other positive benefits include:

• Controlling anxiety

• Promoting emotional health

• Enhancing self awareness

• Lengthening attention span

• Reducing age related memory loss

• Helping to fight addictions

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Yoga provides a diverse range of benefits:

The primary goal is to gain balance and control in one’s life.


• To free oneself from confusion and distress

• To provide a sense of calm

• Flexibility

• Muscle Strength

• Energy and Vitality

• Weight Reduction

• Cardio and Circulatory Health


The practice of all these three combined, will lead you to a sense of peace, well-being, and a feeling of love for yourself and community. Namaste.

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