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Mindfulness & Meditation Programs for Professionals and Students K-5


Let's empower ourselves today to stop the internal chatter! Mindfulness and meditation are the keys to bringing us into the present. Cre8space will help with stress management, emotional regulation and interpersonal skills. Our unique company incorporates a variety of programs and technologies to meet your individual, educational and corporate needs.


for schools

cre8space mindfulness and meditation is happy to share with you a virtual program for grades k-5. As a result of the current circumstances, we have found a way to expand our program to a much larger community that does not require our presence inside the classroom.

cre8space is pleased to announce a mindfulness program that utilizes the combination of zoom technology along with a virtual meditation and stretch workshop.

This practice enables staff members to explore the heart of a mindfulness practice along with developing an appreciation of the health benefits meditation has to offer.


for professionals

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